What to Know About Slatwall

Plastic slatwall panels are one of the most effective display products you can use in your space. These hard-working panels will transform a simple wall into an effective merchandising area. Plastic slatwall panels deliver a compelling display to ensure your high margin merchandise gets noticed. This maximum visibility and easy access drive increased customer engagement and rising sales.

Secondly, and just as important, plastic slatwall panels provide a multitude of custom design options with slatwall graphics. Select any color or finish to enhance the décor of your retail establishment. Or choose the option of printing your logo, photos or customized graphics right on the plastic slatwall panels. Your displays will sell when they are personalized with your customized plastic slatwall panels. Printed slatwall and slatwall covers offer retail designers and store display professionals numerous options to amp up the volume with creative displays.  

Another great advantage of plastic slatwall panels is that they are light-weight and boast one-person installation. Save on additional labor expenses incurred when installing standard wood slatwall. Learn more here. In addition, plastic slatwall panels resist warping. As a result, plastic slatwall panels work well for indoor and outdoor applications. The durability of the slatwall panels will stand the test of time.

Purchase this product in either 4′ or 8′ long panels for ease of installation. However, if your spaces have unusual requirements, order in any custom length to fit your application perfectly. Call 920-467-2477 for more information.

Since 1981, Jifram has been serving as one of the leading resources for retail designers and store display professionals with our innovative plastic slatwall panels. We pledge to continue to serve the market with exciting innovations in the future.