What Are Plastic Slatwall Covers?

Plastic slatwall covers are an innovative way to renovate your old wood slatwall panels. As a result, you can enjoy a whole new look and implement the fastest store makeover ever.  And you can do this for a fraction of the cost of new slatwall panels. By using plastic slatwall covers you can transform the appearance of your slatwall display whenever you like. It is easy and affordable!  With plastic slatwall covers, your high margin merchandise will achieve maximum visibility and easy access to customers.

Seasonal decorating themes make your retail store displays more exciting. Go bright and bold for Halloween.  Increase traffic and add elegance for the holidays. Celebrate the coming of spring with a fresh new floral scene.

Imagine your store, corporate office or trade show booth proudly sporting your company logo emblazoned larger than life. These high-impact graphics will catch the attention of consumers and increase overall traffic. Or print your products or other customized graphics to make your displays come alive with excitement.

Enjoy the luxury of being able to work with any color, photo or texture that catches your fancy. For example, plastic slatwall covers are a designer’s delight that can change with the ad campaign or seasons. Jifram provides retail designers and store display professionals numerous options to ‘amp up the volume’ of promotional events with plastic slatwall displays.  

Installation is a breeze. Slide or snap plastic slatwall covers easily over old, worn and chipped wood slatwall. One person can install with ease.

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