Plastic Slatwall Covers Applications – Retail Displays

Quite possibly the best of all worlds, plastic slatwall covers provide a multitude of custom design options. Now you can transform the appearance of your slatwall display whenever you like – it is fast, easy and affordable! Just cover the old slatwall panels with plastic slatwall covers. Enjoy a whole new look for a fraction of the cost of new slatwall.

Select any color or finish to enhance the décor of your retail establishment. Or enjoy the option of printing your logo, photos or customized graphics right on the slatwall covers. Make your displays sell and personalize them with customized plastic slatwall covers.

Plastic slatwall covers slide or snap on your slatwall display with no tools required. Plastic slatwall is light and can easily be installed by one person. And the plastic resists warping so it holds up just as well in outdoor applications to expand your design horizons.

slatwall covers in department store